I’m a 73-year old male that served in the US Army for 28 1/2 years and then worked in industry for another 13 years. I retired totally and permanently in July 2009.

My ears and hearing were checked regularly in the Army and for the last part of my working life.

Army veteran

I had very little, if any, Hearing Care other than to have my hearing checked regularly and to have occasional ear irrigation.

After my permanent retirement in 2009, I noticed a series of times when I could not hear voices and other sounds I knew I should be hearing – female actors in movies, TV shows, my yoga instructor giving instructions softly, my female partner speaking to me, conversations in restaurants and at parties and more.

I knew that I needed to have my hearing tested again, and, more importantly, I knew I needed to consider hearing devices as part of my Hearing Care.

The top three things I like about Dr. Michelle are:

1. Her knowledge of audiology and the hearing products she recommends

2. The wonderful way she explains what one needs to hear better and allows you to try out her products
so you can see for yourself

3. Her super warm and friendly personality.

Lastly, I like working with Dr. Michelle so much that I readily refer many of my friends to her and they like her as well!

I think it’s the combination of the three things I listed above that makes Dr.Michelle very unique; I don’t remember any other audiologists doing all these things, and certainly, not doing them as well as she.

My life has changed immeasurably since working with Dr Michelle.

I can hear so many things that I could not hear before getting hearing aids and, as a result of my hearing, I can participate in so many things happening around me that I couldn’t join in before.

As I tell so many people already, go see Dr. Michelle as soon as possible!

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Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D

Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D., is Florida’s leading doctor of audiology and has over 25 years of experience in this dynamic industry. Before setting up her own business in Florida & Central America, she served as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at the Miami Children’s Hospital. She has worked with patients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during her long and diverse career, and she is still heavily involved in international humanitarian projects, helping hearing-impaired children globally.