Patient Case Studies

“Why Jane Feared Wearing Hearing Aids Due to Memories of her Grandmothers Frustrating Experience and Why Meeting Dr. Michelle Changed Her Perspective on Healthy Hearing”

“Why A 64-Year Old With 9 Grandkids Was Worrying That Hearing Aids Would Make Her “Look Old” and How Working with Dr. Michelle has Changed Her Entire Perspective and Life”

“Why Samuel, a 97-Year Old With Profound Hearing Loss Turned to Dr. Michelle in Need of Help to Ensure He Wouldn’t Lose His Two Favorite Things, Listening to Music and Telling Jokes”

“Retired 77-Year Old Teacher Shares His Frustration With Most Audiologists, What He Loves about Dr. Michelle’s Service and Why He Happily Travels Over 2600 Miles For His Hearing Care”

”The Three Things That Retired US Army Veteran Loves About Working With Dr Michelle and The Initial Signs of Hearing Loss That He Experienced Before Having His First Assessment”

”One patients personal handwritten thank you note to Dr. Michelle.
Georgette was blessed to be able to hear the palm trees flowing after 20+ years”

Maria had tried several hearing aids and three different specialists before she met Dr. Michelle, who is ‘the most understanding and helpful doctor she has ever met’.

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