Hearing Performance Tune-Ups

Are You Getting The Best Performance From Your Hearing Devices? Not sure?

Are you confident that you’re getting the best performance from your hearing aids?

  • Was a medical diagnosis ruled out?
  • Were you given air conduction, bone conduction, and speech testing so we can understand the specifics of your hearing loss?
  • Do your devices feel that comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them?
  • Are your devices well maintained with regular preventive checks?
  • Did your current provider do a 10 out of 10 job?

If the answer is no to any of the questions above, or you’re unsure to what some of the questions mean, then you may benefit from a personalized hearing performance tune-up with Dr. Michelle.

To schedule a tune-up you can complete the form on this page or call us at at (786) 627-7858 or (305) 247-8227.

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How does it Work?

This is a comprehensive consultation all aimed at ensuring that you’re getting the best possible performance from your hearing aids, and your long-term hearing health is protected. It starts by a phone call to either set up an initial virtual appointment or an office appointment at one of Dr. Michelle’s convenient locations.


A Comprehensive Audiological Evaluation

This is where your hearing will be professionally tested by Dr. Michelle.

This disregards your existing audiogram and starts the test from the very beginning following the methodical process of best practices that has been defined for over 30 years by helping thousands of local people to achieve better hearing.

It’s quick, non-invasive and you’ll receive the results immediately. This will allow you to either have a baseline to test against in the future, or a clear understanding of the treatment available to allow you.

Pure-Tone Air, Bone and Speech Testing

Whereas most hearing care professionals will run a very simple hearing screening and then present hearing aids as the only solution, Dr. Michelle will be testing to a much more medical level inspecting all aspects of your hearing health through these comprehensive tests.

Based on these test results, Dr. Michelle will make any required adjustments to your hearing devices to ensure they perfectly match your level of hearing loss to deliver the best possible performance.

Professional Cleaning and Replacement Parts

Your devices will be professionally cleaned to a factory standard and a preventive-measures process will be followed to ensure all parts are tested and working.

If your devices require any replacement parts including domes, wax filters or receivers, then Dr. Michelle will be able to make these replacements for you, ensuring your devices feel and perform like new. Our service is driven by education and our specialists will offer you advice for future maintenance and care, ensuring that you have an in-depth knowledge of what may be causing your difficulties.

Schedule A Hearing Performance Tune-Up

This 45-minute tune up will allow you to have South Florida’s leading doctor of audiology testing your hearing and working with you to get the best possible performance from your devices.

If your provider doesn’t fill you with confidence, you bought your devices online and fitted yourself or you would like a second opinion, then you’re highly encouraged to schedule your consultation.

The fee is only $190 and this includes all aspects of the consultation – there is no hidden or additional expenses.

To schedule your ‘Hearing Performance Tune-Up’ – then simply complete the form on this page and your request will be sent to Dr. Michelle’s assistant to find a convenient date/time for you or you can call Dr. Michelle at (786) 627-7858 or (305) 247-8227.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Could My Hearing Aids Be Underperforming?

One of the biggest challenges with our hearing is that measuring the small differences can be very difficult, especially if the small differences occur over time.

Routine adjustments are often necessary to ascertain that you are hearing at your best.

This is the main reason why many hearing devices can start to underperform.

If your devices are not meeting your expectations, it may be time to find out why.  Underperforming hearing devices will leave you finding that your ears have to work harder to hear, listen, and process.  This results in frustration; since your devices not achieving their objective of optimal hearing.

Q: What about COVID and Safety Equipment?

Safety is paramount.

Dr. Michelle will be wearing a face mask and all equipment is thoroughly sanitized before and after your appointment.

Dr. Michelle takes all of the necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety.