I am a 64 year-old-wife, mother, and Grammy to 9 grands. I manage a law office, write as a columnist for a local paper and also volunteer in the community.

Prior to meeting Dr. Michelle, my perception of audiology and hearing care was that it was for “old people” and I did not classify myself as being “old”. For a good while, my husband kept telling me that I was not hearing him.

I thought it was “selective” hearing but then one day I was rocking my grandbaby to sleep, and my daughter came into the room and spoke softly to me.

I nodded my head but did not hear her. Later she asked why I didn’t put the baby on her back in the crib when she told me to do so. 

Hearing Success Story

I had to admit that I never heard her say anything and she then responded, “You know Mom, Papi is right and you need to get your hearing checked.”

My initial thoughts when I met Dr. Michelle were how professional she was, how she listened to my individual concerns and how helpful she was to solve my problems.

I truly feel that Dr. Michelle cares deeply for her patients. Although my hearing loss was not severe, she listened to me as I explained and validated my concerns.

She treats you like family and when you call with a concern after receiving the hearing aids, they can easily readjust or program the levels to meet your needs.

The most life-changing thing about having my hearing aids fitted with Dr. Michelle is that now I enjoy being with people.

Prior to getting my hearing aids, I did not enjoy being in large groups such as going to breakfast on Sundays with my church friends as I could not follow conversations at the table.

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I was shocked as I did not realize how much sound I was missing until Dr. Michelle fitted me.

If you believe you have a hearing loss and are exploring the options of working with Dr. Michelle, I would advise you to not be afraid. If you want good, old fashion service and someone who cares about you, go to Dr. Michelle.

You will be surprised just how better life is when you can hear a baby coo, a bird chirp or someone tell you that you are loved.

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Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D

Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D., is Florida’s leading doctor of audiology and has over 25 years of experience in this dynamic industry. Before setting up her own business in Florida & Central America, she served as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at the Miami Children’s Hospital. She has worked with patients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during her long and diverse career, and she is still heavily involved in international humanitarian projects, helping hearing-impaired children globally.