So, let’s talk about genetics and hearing loss.

People often ask, “how did I get my hearing loss? Can it be from genetics?”. The answer to that question is yes.

Studies show that 35-55% of all hearing losses have some genetic relation. Now, does that mean that if a family member has hearing loss that you’re automatically going to have hearing loss?

Not necessarily, but some genetic forms do run-in families, and some genetic forms can be a pre-curser to adulthood early-onset hearing loss.

Some genetic forms can be profound hearing loss that runs in families. There are now numerous studies that are beginning to identify types of genetic hearing loss.

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Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D

Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D., is Florida’s leading doctor of audiology and has over 25 years of experience in this dynamic industry. Before setting up her own business in Florida & Central America, she served as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at the Miami Children’s Hospital. She has worked with patients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during her long and diverse career, and she is still heavily involved in international humanitarian projects, helping hearing-impaired children globally.