Hey everyone,

It’s Dr. Michelle here, and I have some fantastic news for you!

My office has reopened, and I’m operating under strict CDC guidelines. I am ready and raring to go, complete with new service models to keep your hearing health a top priority.

I totally understand that some of you might not be able to or want to visit me in person just yet, so virtual appointments, curb-side cleanings and checks, and remote fittings and adjustments are definitely staying put.

This way, your hearing needs can still be addressed while you stay safely at home or in your car during these challenging times.

I’ve added several new videos to my YouTube channel full of helpful hearing loss FAQs and advice, as well as any updates during the current situation. Be sure to stop by and check them out!

And remember – I always enjoy seeing you, whether on screen or in person. Your hearing health means the world to me, and I am here for you whenever you have a question or concern.


Face Mask Challenges for the Hard of Hearing

Face masks are the “new normal” accessory. Step outside, and you will likely see someone wearing one, or you may be wearing one yourself.

If you have a hearing loss and mainly depend on lip reading and facial expressions to communicate better, you may struggle, as face masks cover up these essential features. They can also reduce the speaker’s volume, sometimes making speech sound muffled or distorted.

CNN recently published an article about the challenges face masks create for the hard of hearing.

Additionally, wearing a face mask can be challenging if you wear hearing aids. Besides being uncomfortable, the mask loops can become tangled with your hearing aids leading to all sorts of problems.

To avoid this, wear a mask with soft fabric ties rather than elastic to relieve the pressure on the ears. Using special mask extenders with buttons or other holders, such as plastic s-hooks, to loop the mask onto or to attach the mask loops behind your head rather than around your ears will eliminate any mishaps with your hearing aids.

I have received a number of calls from people who have had to come to terms with their hearing loss during the current crisis and are now considering medical support.

If your loved one or friend is struggling with hearing loss, please encourage them to contact me. I would be happy to get them started on their journey to better hearing.

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Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D

Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D., is Florida’s leading doctor of audiology and has over 25 years of experience in this dynamic industry. Before setting up her own business in Florida & Central America, she served as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at the Miami Children’s Hospital. She has worked with patients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during her long and diverse career, and she is still heavily involved in international humanitarian projects, helping hearing-impaired children globally.