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Dr. Michelle’s Valued Patients Share their Experiences

‘Dr. Michelle put me at ease instantly’

I knew I had a hearing challenge when my employees complained that they were talking to me and I was not listening. I feared that they [hearing aids] would stand out, as others look at your face not your ears.

I decided to seek help from Dr. Michelle, and I was put at ease instantly. Dr. Michelle is super nice yet very professional.

Hearing aids have changed my life, I can hear everything. If you are thinking of getting your hearing tested, don’t look any further.

– Kermit C

Kermit's Story
Jenny's Story

‘Don’t wait to get your hearing checked’

Hearing loss was gradual but very concerning due to my career at the time. I was 45 and not keen on the idea of needing hearing aids.

Dr. Michelle was and still is so empathetic, understanding, smart, kind, and bubbly.

My newest ReSound hearing aids are amazing. I have a Bluetooth TV device and so now I can watch TV without closed captioning and without blasting the volume.

Don’t wait to get your hearing checked! It’s a life-changer, and Dr. Michelle is the best choice.

– Jenny B

Jane Feared Wearing Hearing Aids Due to Memories of her Grandmothers Frustrating Experience But Meeting Dr. Michelle Changed Her Perspective on Healthy Hearing

Dr. Michelle stood out. Not only because only is she a highly qualified audiologist, but because she is a warm and caring human being.

She has very high standards and was not content with my hearing correction until I was.

Dr. Michelle made sure mine fit comfortably and helped me understand the enormous benefits of wearing them that extend far beyond simple hearing and that they’re virtually invisible.”

Jane's story
Patient Story

Why A 64-Year Old With 9 Grandkids Was Worrying That Hearing Aids Would Make Her ‘Look Old’ and How Dr. Michelle has Changed Her Entire Perspective and Life

“My initial thoughts when I met Dr. Michelle was how professional she was, how she listened to my individual concerns and how helpful she was to solve my problems.

I truly feel that Dr. Michelle cares deeply for her patients.

If you believe you have a hearing loss and are exploring the options of working with Dr. Michelle, I would advise you to not be afraid. If you want good, old fashion service and someone who cares about you, go to Dr. Michelle.

You will be surprised just how better life is when you can hear a baby coo, a bird chirp or someone tell you that you are loved.”

Why Samuel, a 97-Year Old With Profound Hearing Loss Turned to Dr. Michelle in Need of Help to Ensure He Wouldn’t Lose His Two Favorite Things, Listening to Music and Telling Jokes

“I have been experiencing an increased difficulty hearing with my most recent hearing aid and have recently moved to the area. After reading many reviews, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Michelle based on the positive comments.

Dr. Michelle is patient, kind and determined to give her patients maximum results.

With my experience, other audiologists do not even compare to Dr. Michelle. She is truly a special unique person that is passionate about her patients. She is very patient even in difficult and frustrating situations. She takes her time to truly listen to her patients concerns and makes it her mission to find them the best solutions.”

Samuel's story
Bob's story

“Why I Happily Travel Over 2600 Miles For My Hearing Care”

If you are like me and the quality of your hearing is important to you, service is more important than then the instruments themselves.

Dr. Michelle is the best.

She is patient, she is very good at figuring out just what I need in the various environments that are important to me, and she always makes time for me whenever I need her expertise.

The Three Things That Retired US Army Veteran Loves About Working With Dr. Michelle

The top three things I like about Dr. Michelle are:

1. Her knowledge of audiology and the hearing products she recommends

2. The wonderful way she explains what one needs to hear better and allows you to try out her products
so you can see for yourself

3. Her super warm and friendly personality.

Lastly, I like working with Dr. Michelle so much that I readily refer many of friends to her and they like her as well!

Patient Story

One patient’s personal handwritten thank you note to Dr. Michelle

Georgette was blessed to be able to hear the palm trees flowing after 20+ years.

Maria had tried several hearing aids and three different specialists before she met Dr. Michelle, who is ‘the most understanding and helpful doctor she has ever met’.

I can’t do without my hearing aids now and feel much more part of the people around me.

‘I can’t do without my hearing aids’

I remember the first moment I realized I had a hearing challenge, it was while teaching about 30 years ago. I had gone thru several hearing aids and 3 different specialists before I was fortunate to meet Dr. Michelle who is a very welcoming, understanding doctor.

I can’t do without my hearing aids, they help me to feel much more part of the people around me.

If you are considering booking an appointment, I say go for it. Dr. Michelle is the most understanding and helpful doctor I’ve met thru my trials and errors with hearing aids. She makes time for me whenever I am in need of an adjustment. And… she does it with a smile on her face.

– Maria S

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