Meet Florida’s Hearing Care Expert, Dr. Michelle

A Personal Message from Dr. Michelle

We make it a priority to schedule regular check-ups for our teeth, eyes, and bodies; yet, hardly any of us regularly checks our hearing.

Yet the World Health Organization recently stated that “around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss (1), and 34 million of these are children.”

These facts are quite alarming.

Through my regular YouTube videos and online articles, my goal is to help educate America on hearing loss prevention and help them to spot the first signs of hearing loss, in order to avoid the pitfalls of having an untreated hearing loss.

If you or a loved one are experiencing signs of hearing loss and would like my guidance, then you can register your interest by completing the form on this page and we will get in touch to arrange an appointment for a hearing performance tune-up. This is a comprehensive consultation all aimed at ensuring that  your long-term hearing health is protected. 

It starts by completing the form on this page to either set up an initial virtual appointment or an office appointment at one of Dr. Michelle’s convenient locations.

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Dr. Michelle’s Founder Story

Leading hearing care, with a personal touch.

As someone with over twenty-five years’ experience in audiology, Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir knows exactly how hearing loss affects people’s lives.

What begins as a minor issue can later produce serious consequences, affecting someone’s temperament, motivation, stress-level, and family time.

With this in mind, she began to promote her self-named brand, “Dr. Michelle”, in late 2018. Her aim was to offer both expert assistance and compassionate service, tailored to individuals.

Today, she uses this holistic, people-centered approach to counsel patients along every step of their hearing journey.

A desire to help others

In 1993, Dr. Michelle completed a master’s degree in the field of audiology. It was during her studies that she discovered her passion for working with people, and especially children.

This led her to take up a position at Miami Children’s Hospital, where she spent 12 and a half years developing her skills and growing as a hearing specialist.

During this time, she acquired further qualifications, including her clinical doctorate in audiology and an MS in health services administration.

She also expanded into volunteer work. As a member of Rotary International – a global welfare charity – Dr. Michelle embarked on life-changing community service projects abroad.

Her next steps

Not one to stand still, Dr. Michelle then looked for a new challenge where she could apply her skills as a doctor of audiology and social organizer.

Entrepreneurship soon became the focus of her endeavors. In October 2005, she opened the doors to her first private practice, Hear 4 Kidz Inc, in Homestead, Florida.

Initially conceived as a premier pediatric audiology clinic, she later changed its name to Hear 4 U Audiology so she could accommodate patients from various generations.

Today, the company has extended its service to locations throughout Miami Dade and Monroe counties, FL, as well as abroad in the lovely country of Panama.

Putting service first

Over the years, Dr. Michelle witnessed how many audiology offices had become focussed on technology. But in her view, this neglected the crucial value of expert service.

In response, she founded her self-titled clinic, Dr. Michelle, based in the Florida Keys. Here, she used her compassion and intellect to develop personalized solutions for each patient.

This centered on individual sessions, where she spent time unpacking a person’s hearing issue – how it affected their temperament, lifestyle choices, and overall contentment.

This forged close, long-term relationships with patients. Today, everyone who trusts Dr. Michelle with their hearing journey benefits from her comprehensive approach to treatment.

Progressing into the future

As time goes by, Dr. Michelle continues to innovate. In 2020, she launched Virtual Appointments – a complimentary telehealth service for new and existing patients.

Patients can also benefit from “remote assist” software, allowing them to receive updates and programming developments from Dr. Michelle direct to their devices.

But besides these advances, she still maintains there are three basic elements needed for someone to achieve incredible hearing care results:

A motivated patient who’s ready to improve their life; an expert audiologist who will listen and understand their needs; and a quality hearing product.”

Schedule A Hearing Performance Tune-Up

Regardless of where you are on your hearing journey, if you’re looking to work with a highly experienced doctor of audiology that has expertise across all types of hearing challenges, then you’re highly encouraged to schedule your consultation.

To schedule your ‘Hearing Performance Tune-Up’ – then simply complete the form on this page and your request will be sent to Dr. Michelle’s assistant to find a convenient date/time for you or you can call Dr. Michelle at (786) 627-7858 or (305) 247-8227.