Today we’re going to talk about the causes of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is an invisible disorder that inflicts itself upon people – however, what causes it? How do we get it?

Hearing loss doesn’t have just one cause; many things can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by noise exposure, and noise exposure is traumatic to our inner ear cells, causing damage, which results in decreased hearing.

Specific toxic medications can cause hearing loss to the inner ear cells, which causes irreversible damage to the hearing.

Sometimes people are born with hearing loss, which is called congenital hearing loss – this can be genetic, or it can be caused by an illness that the mother had while pregnant with the child.

Infections or circulatory problems can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by fluid in the middle ear, and it can be caused by wax in the ear canal.

However, there are many causes of hearing loss. Nevertheless, determining what is causing your hearing loss so that you can come up with an appropriate treatment plan with your hearing healthcare professional. 

I hope that today’s information was helpful, talking about the different causes of hearing loss. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss symptoms, please don’t wait any longer to seek help.

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Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D

Dr. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, Au.D., is Florida’s leading doctor of audiology and has over 25 years of experience in this dynamic industry. Before setting up her own business in Florida & Central America, she served as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at the Miami Children’s Hospital. She has worked with patients of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds during her long and diverse career, and she is still heavily involved in international humanitarian projects, helping hearing-impaired children globally.

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