Would You Like Florida’s Leading Hearing Care Expert As Your Personal Audiologist?

How To Become a Prestigious ‘Private Patient’ With Dr. Michelle

You deserve the best.

You deserve to be consulted and treated by the best in the field.

Yet when it comes to health care, there is rarely a “best” option.

Typically, your only option is to visit a busy office, where you have to sit in a busy waiting room and be treated by a busy doctor, who is also cares for hundreds of other patients.

It’s not a personal service.

This style of traditional health care may suit some patients.  However, if you have a busy lifestyle, difficulties getting to health care appointments (due to traffic, illness, or scheduling) & prefer a service that is more personal, then traditional audiology is not right for you.

Instead, you want an exclusive service, a service that works around your busy schedule and a service that gives you a level of expertise that nobody else can get.

That’s where Dr. Michelle comes in.

Dr. Michelle

As a leading audiologist in South Florida for over 25 years, Dr. Michelle has been caring for the hearing health of patients of all ages, from starting her career at a busy audiology clinic, to now caring for her small group of ‘Private Patients’, that consist of some special people across Florida and “The America’s”.

Dr. Michelle’s unique ‘Private Patients’ service is centered on giving the best hearing care possible.

Dr. Michelle will only be caring for the hearing health of a small number of ‘Private Patients’. Thus, giving them the highest level of care, expertise, and experience available.  She is providing a service that works around the lifestyle of her patients. 

This unique concierge audiological service allows you to have Florida’s leading hearing care expert as your personal audiologist, working around your schedule and giving you the highest level of care. 

This is with limited availability. Dr. Michelle’s ‘Private Patients’ is in high demand.

If you would like to apply to become a ‘Private Patient’ and schedule your first appointment to have a complimentary consultation, then please complete the application form below. Dr. Michelle will personally be in touch in the coming days.

Apply To Become a ‘Private Patient’

5 Reasons it’s a good investment to become Dr. Michelle’s Exclusive ‘Private Patient’

#1 - You will have an industry hearing health care leader personally caring for your hearing health.
#2 - You won’t be one of hundreds of patients. Dr. Michelle will only work with a small handful of premium patients in order to give them her personal time & expertise. She will be your audiology partner for life.
#3 - Dr. Michelle will work around your busy schedule in order to care for your hearing health needs at a time and location that is convenient to you.
#4 - As her ‘Private Patient’ – you get a personal level of after-care & follow-up appointments.
#5 - As her ‘Private Patient’ – you’ll get exclusive benefits, such as direct access to Dr. Michelle & access to lower cost high end hearing device technology.