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A Personal Message From Dr. Michelle

Dr Michelle smiling | Dr Michelle

Choosing an audiologist is not an easy task. You need to look for a professional with the right credentials, one who is experienced, and one who seems to be a perfect fit for you.

Nobody wants to be a surgeon’s first surgery or on a pilot’s first flight – yet when it comes to addressing your hearing challenges, many people fail to check if they are working with the right doctor of audiology.

Experts believe the treatment you get is as good as the professional giving it, making it even more crucial to ensure that you have chosen the right audiologist to manage your hearing health care.

After caring for the hearing health of thousands of local people across six locations for 30 years, I recognized that there are still many people in South Florida and across The Florida Keys who are not receiving the advanced audiological expertise that is required to achieve better hearing for life.

Why People Choose Dr. Michelle

Dr Michelle with patients

1. Experience

I have 30+ years of diverse hearing health care experience.  I have the unique fortune of being an expert, not only in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders with adults but with our wee little ones as well.  I dedicated the first 15 years of my career focusing on early diagnosis and treatment of newborns, as well as children of all ages. 

I always smile when a patient remarks to me that they are not a child.  I reply, “If I can take care of a newborn baby’s hearing and guide their parents through this lifelong process, then imagine what I can do for you.”

Dr Michelle and Patients wearing masks

2. Education

Most of us understand very little about how the ear works, what hearing loss means, and most importantly how to treat and manage a hearing or ear issue.

I take pride in not only my diagnostic evaluation expertise but also in ensuring that my patients understand each facet of the ear – how it works and how it relates to their particular situation.

Most of my patients will proclaim, “No one has ever taken the time to explain this to me.  Thank you, Dr. Michelle!”

Smiling Dr Michelle

3. Listening

My inclination is to listen to you and understand your concerns.  It is essential in your treatment process that your concerns and opinions are heard and listened to.

By truly listening to my patients, I am able to find the best solutions for them.  Frequently, I find that colleagues prefer to make decisions for their patients without taking into consideration their patients’ wants and needs.  This leads to dissatisfaction and not to finding the best solutions for you. I listen to you and answer your questions and needs with thoughtfulness and patience.

Dr Michelle with patients

4. Continuity of Care

Hearing health care, in most cases, is not a one-time consultation.  If indeed there is hearing loss, this will require treatment and a plan of care.  One of the most overlooked qualities of a good audiologist is how they manage your care after the initial visit.

Whether you are in need of continued monitoring due to a medically treatable hearing loss or your hearing loss requires treatment with hearing aids, our relationship will be a long-term one. This requires trust and respect on both parts, like any good relationship.

Dr Michelle

5. Commitment to You

Whether you are just out of the starting gate or are already far into the race, my commitment to you and your hearing health care does not waver.

I am an expert in diagnostic consultations, in listening to you and your needs, and in helping you find your solutions to achieve better hearing.

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