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Hearing Aid Styles


The most popular option with a sleek and discreet design. This model allows sound to enter the ear canal naturally while still providing the amplification needed. Available as rechargeable and Bluetooth enabled.


With a custom fit earmold, the BTE model offers comfort and power for those with more severe hearing losses. Available Bluetooth enabled and rechargeable from most manufacturers.


Custom molded and comfortable fit, the ITE hearing aid offers high-quality sound for all hearing losses. For patients with dexterity problems, this device can be easier to insert and remove than other models.


A more discreet option than the in-the-ear model, the ITC hearing aid offers a comfortable and secure fit for all treatable hearing losses. Since they fit down in the canal, these devices won't interfere with glasses or hats.


Snugly fit down in the ear canal, the CIC style is nearly invisible. With the protection of the outer ear, the deep fit of these devices cuts down wind noise while still providing remarkable sound quality.


The most discreet style available for patients who want a completely invisible device. Custom molded to fit deep in the ear canal, the IIC is suitable for all but the most severe hearing losses.