Virtual Appointments: The No-Contact Way to Care For Your Hearing

A Brand New Way To Connect With Dr. Michelle

During these unprecedented times, it’s important that you have a reliable Doctor to call upon to obtain guidance for your hearing health care concerns.

That’s why Dr. Michelle has introduced virtual appointments, a complimentary service for both new and existing patients.

A revolutionary alternative to in-person meetings, Dr. Michelle can now give expert advice to those of you who are unable to leave your home due to movement restrictions.

It’s part of her commitment to ensuring that no one with a hearing condition feels isolated during their time of need.



How Does it Work?

Unlike a standard check-up, virtual appointments take place via a video-link. You will use the camera on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This will allow you to discuss any concerns and queries with Dr. Michelle – just as if you were face-to-face in her clinic.

For some, this may sound extremely frightening & futuristic. Do not be afraid! This concept has been in development for many years. The goal is to streamline your experience with healthcare, in our very busy World.

Many people, for example, find it hard to come to an audiologist’s clinic, because of the need to take time off from work, make childcare arrangements, or travel long distances. Virtual appointments, provide an effective solution for these scheduling challenges.

We make it easy to schedule your virtual appointment.
Once your consultation time is scheduled, you will be able to consult directly with Dr. Michelle.

This will be a one-on-one consultation with her. With her expertise, you may gain life-changing advice about a recent hearing concer or long-term health condition.

Schedule Your
Virtual Appointment


The Benefits of ‘Remote Assist’

Those who have the latest and most advanced hearing aid technology will benefit from “remote assist” capabilities. This allows Dr. Michelle to make changes to your device’s programing, without having to be in the same room with her.

This technology is a game-changer in the world of audiology. With this technology, you are never too far away from Dr. Michelle to have your devices adjusted for clarity and performance.

This is especially important for those now experiencing movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hearing aid wearers know that hearing devices can always use adjusting to gain and maintain the best performance.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

If you’re new to Dr. Michelle’s clinic, a virtual appointment is a great way to get an insight into a potential hearing concern or problem. Dr. Michelle is an amazing listener, problem solver, educator, and resource when it comes to your hearing health.

It often takes a person years to seek out hearing help. With virtual appointments, Dr. Michelle can offer you a confidential complimentary consultation from the comfort your home.

You will be able to speak with Dr. Michelle openly & directly about your specific hearing health care concerns.

Consulting with Dr. Michelle carries no obligation. You are not required to agree to any conditions or make any immediate decisions about your hearing care. It is simply an opportunity to learn and gain resources.

However, if you’re ready to explore options to improve your hearing, this a fantastic place to start. Simply complete the form on this page to start you journey with Dr. Michelle.